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Zero alcohol - an interesting experiment indeed!

So I've decided to give zero alcohol wines a go and see how I fare. One of my girlfriends was singing the praises of zero alcohol Pinot Grigio the other night at dinner - her second stint at trying zero alcohol instead of her normal Pinot Grigio.

The first time was a couple of years ago and only lasted a few months, largely because the substitute was not really up to scratch and no amount of ice could alter the flavour and make her tastebuds believe it was actually the real deal.

However, with increasing demand for less alcohol in our lives and because so many of us, myself included, drank way too much during the Covid lockdowns, an increasing number of non-alcoholic beverages are now found in every liquor chain around the country.

I am working my way through the options and so far have been pleasantly surprised. I have found that by simply having a glass of what looks like white wine and sort of tastes like white wine at dinner, the psychological effect seems to suffice.

I say "seems" as I've only had a few no-alcohol wines but so far, so good.

There are also, I have discovered, no-alcohol G & Ts which will make my 4.30pm Bold and the Incredibly Stupid tipple time less calorific - shame about the accompanying brie and crackers - but I'm not about to give up that component.

As another girlfriend wrote last night when I posted my abstentious lifestyle on Instragram: "Why would you do that? Asking for a friend?"...I'll let you know in a few weeks!

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