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Old friends are the treasures of life!

There's something to be said about old friends - people who've known you for years and have stuck by you for better or worse.

True friendships are hard to come by but every now and then you are reminded how lucky you are to have certain people in your life who accept you the way you are and love you regardless.

I just had the best weekend on the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland attending a friend's 70th birtday celebration.

For 40 years, a group of women who all worked in the Australian media have remained best mates and it was fabulous to catch up with four of them.

Are we older and wiser? Definitely older but I wonder about wiser! I have no idea really but we just picked up where we left off last time as if we'd seen each other just yesterday.

And that's what you can do with old may not see each other for months and sometimes years on end but they don't demand your attention or hold you to account if you don't talk to them regularly.

They simply want the best for you and they're there if ever you need them, no questions asked.

They are also the holder of the many secrets of your younger days, hilarious encounters from your 20s and 30s - dare I say 40s - that are probably best kept in the vault.

I am immensely grateful to have these fabulous, beautiful, funny, successful, extraordinary women as my backstop...there for the good and bad times...always just a phone call away.

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