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Like there is no tomorrow and an endless bucket list!

Travel - no matter how far or how wide - is one of life's most exciting adventures.


It broadens your horizons, educates you, leaves you in wonder and adds a wonderful depth of experience to your life.

Never has travel been so accessible to so many, with thousands of holiday adventures on offer at all price points. You don’t have to break the budget.

You just have to decide what type of holiday you want, do your research both online and with travel agents, and take the plunge.


Age is no deterrent – if you have never travelled before, there are organised tours throughout the world that take care of every single thing.

There are specifically-designed tours for older people, so everyone is over a certain age; there are women-only adventures; there are tours that take it easy and tours that allow you to see the highlights of a particular region in a couple of days.


All you need to do is apply for a passport – a very easy process online – pack your toothbrush and head to the airport.

So write your bucket list and let’s go!

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