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Louise Di Francesco

There are two ways you can approach being Over Fifty.


You can embrace the fact that you have encyclopedic knowledge, wisdom and experience. You can adopt an attitude that life is just getting better.


Or, and sadly many of us seem to choose this approach: you can decide that you’ve probably lived your best life and it’s all downhill from here!


No way! Today, there is no reason why we can’t live to be 100 or more, physically and mentally healthy, with the best years after you turn 50.


To do that, you need a plan. You need to constantly challenge yourself. You need to make an effort. You need to keep moving, keep learning, keep thriving, keep engaged and keep up.


Over Fifty Still Fabulous is your go-to source for real ideas to make your life ever bit as fabulous as you want to make it.


Together, we can make a pact to live our lives Over Fifty Still Fabulous.

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