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You're never to old to date!

Dating over 50 is one of those topics...taboo in some quarters and an open book in others.

I was interviewed by ABC Radio Adelaide a few weeks ago about people over 50 looking for love on dating apps.

My advice is why not? If you want a companion, why not use dating apps to find a partner, friend, someone to hang out with or, if you so desire, your next husband or wife?

Technology has made it so much easier to connect; with a click of a button you can line up a date for coffee, drinks or a stroll around the park within hours.

Candice Bergen nailed the online dating thing in the hilarious movie The Book Club. Not sure about the romp in her parked car in the street outside the restaurant with her date but obviously passion overtook her and well...who I am to judge?

Also in this movie, Diane Keaton finds romance with Andy Garcia - not on a dating app but oh me, oh my...yep!

I found this article from the Sydney Morning Herald from 2018 that puts to rest all those myths about dating when you're over 50.

Don't be put off...if you want to meet people over 50, it's a bit like dating when you're a teenager. You still need to meet people, connect with people and see what happens next. You just never know to you try!

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