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Workers over 50 are scared to tell employers and work colleagues how old they are

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

The UK Daily Mail has published the results of a survey of 3000 people conducted by Opinium for AIG Life and it reveals older Australians aren't the only ones worried about employment over 50.

One in 10 survey respondents didn't even want to tell their colleagues - much less celebrate - when they reached the half century because they believed it could impact their careers.

Both the UK and Australian Governments are going to need to address the blatant ageism in the workplace as our populations get older and work longer than previous generations.

Advances in health mean we are all living much longer and want to be useful and use our skills, gained over many years.

The UK has more than 10 million people 50 years or older - nearly a third of the labour force.

In Australia, we are expected to work longer, delay retirement and set ourselves up for our twilight years to live without Government support.

To do that, ageism has to be on the agenda and, as a nation of baby boomers, we need to be listened to and supported to keep working until we choose not to.

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