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Wake up Australia - before it is too late!

This week's column in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age about ageism in the Australian workplace has resonated in all corners of the country.

I have been overwhelmed by the number of people who have contacted me personally with stories of how they have been treated in the job search market.

What is clear is that Australia has an issue that needs attention. A few commentators have suggested that the ageism debate that has raged across talk-back radio in all States this week, is simply hysterical older people having a platform to complain.

I am old enough to remember when similar comments were made about other "isms"in this country's workplaces - sexism, racism, gender inequality.

Public debate made our community, elected leaders, public officials, business leaders and ordinary people in the street of all religions, backgrounds and economic demographics realise, acknowledge and work towards an Australia that has gone a long way to stamping out these "isms".

Given the avalanche of comments, coverage and feedback this week, ageism is a major societal issue in Australia. Let's work together to find a solution rather than pretending it is not happening.

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