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Unlucky in love...who hasn't been there?????

There's not a woman on the planet who this week has not felt for the NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

Imagine having your entire relationship - which you had managed to keep secret for years - suddenly aired for everyone to see in the most difficult of environments...

In matters of the heart, the workplace is littered with men and women who have jeopardised their careers for love.

The Premier who has had an outstanding and exemplary career has, in just a day, had her reputation severely tarnished, her future as leader of NSW thrown into doubt and her judgement revealed as highly questionable, all because she fell in love.

So does love conquer all? Should she throw in the towel and ride off into the sunset with her Daryl (Maguire) to live happily ever after?

It seems not. She dumped him in August when the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption revealed a side to her Romeo that she had missed - or at least swept under the carpet and ignored.

Which brings us to the big question, ladies...I believe women have an inbuilt intuition and their gut - should they listen to it - is the best advisor they could possibly have.

Is there a situation in your life where you need to listen to your intuition and act on it?

How many times have you had an inkling about a situation or person and, lo and behold, at some point, realised and regretted your decision not to act on it.

Start listening...intuition is seldom wrong and I reckon Gladys Berejiklian is now wishing she had chosen her head over her heart!

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