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To party or not to party - that's the question!

The season of non-stop indulgence and celebration is upon us, and this year it feels like it's busier than ever.

It is probably not, but after two years of subdued and solitary partying because of Covid, it certainly feel likes it.

Many people have told me they are exhausted, and mentally and physically drained; it seems 2022 has been challenging for just about everyone.

But despite that, there is an air of frenetic activity and action as if we are all compelled to enjoy ourselves when really, a good book, a comfy couch and a chilled glass of vino may be much more appealing.

According to some mental health professionals, the more relaxed lifestyle we have adopted as a result of endless lockdowns - pj's until 11am, endless snacks instead of meals, staying home alone in front of the tv - could be creating long-term isolation issues.

In other words, if you just can't be bothered making the effort to visit family, meet friends, shop and cook for yourself and generally want to lie around binge watching Netflix day after day, you probably need professional help.

But if you've consciously decided to spend more time enjoying a low-key lifestyle and only particpating in activities if they really excite you, well good for you.

Choose how much or how little you want to be part of this mad season, and, if you decide that you want to relax and recharge for 2023 rather than saying yes to every invitation, don't apologise to anyone.

Bottoms up!

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