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The Best of Gossip Girl merged with Downton Abbey!

It's Netflix' latest hit and EVERYONE is talking about's got old-world glamour, sex, romance, mystery, gorgeous men and women - did I mention sex...and it's obsessing just about everyone in Sydney.

Bridgeton, the new eight-episode period drama, is Gossip Girl meets Downton Abbey and totally addictive.

The male star of the show, Rege-Jean Page, plays Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings and there is a plethora of scenes, with close ups, where he peels off his shirt. Not that I'm complaining but you definitely get the feeling he was cast for his abs as much as his acting ability.

Phoebe Dynevor is Daphne Bridgeton, a young and incredibly beautiful innocent belle who falls for the Duke of Hastings and adds a bit of spirit to the script.

Mind you, her complete lack of knowledge about sex - her mother's attempt to explain what happens on your wedding night is hilarious - creates a few dramas but she cottons on fairly quickly and the viewer is entertained by many-a bedroom scene.

I do think Bridgeton would appeal to women much more than men. There is definitely a Barbara Cartland bodice-ripper feeling to the whole program.

Of course, I have watched it end to end and am now eagerly awaiting Season 2.

There has to be a Season 2...I just wonder how many times Rege-Jean Page will be persuaded to shed his attire in the next instalment...

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