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The benefit of doing...absolutely nothing!

It's not often I get to sit and gaze at a beautiful view of nature, alone, with no devices. In fact, thinking about it, it is probably years since I just sat, undisturbed, and did nothing for any period of time, let alone 30 minutes.

I was incredibly lucky to this week visit Grabine Lakeside Holiday Park on the shores of Wyangala Dam in country NSW, set in hectares of bushland with cabins, tent and caravan sites, boat ramps and kangaroos - literally hundreds of them roaming everywhere.

And no connectivity! 24 hours without a device! How peaceful was it! A television that only got free-to-air and some of those channels didn't really work too well and that was it for entertainment.

Instead, it was chatting with our friends around a campfire, under a star-laden sky or staring into the embers, listening to the sounds of burning wood.

I suspect most of us - and I include myself in this - have no idea how our entire lives are now being lived on devices, with background noise of Netflix, Spotify or other distractions.

Of course, we have all read about putting down our smartphones, turning off our screens and having a break from it all but in reality, who does that?

Not me...well, not me until now.

I am committing to finding a seat somewhere with a view, switching off everything, and just letting my thoughts roam wherever they go at least three times a week for 30 minutes.

Not entirely sure how this experiment will go but I'm giving it a shot because the 24 hours in the middle of nowhere this week was the best tonic for a overcrowded mind and tired body!

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