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Ten things I've (re) discovered in the lock down

As the lock down laws tightened in Australia several weeks ago, I moved my office to my other business - a country hotel in rural NSW.

I figured I would be less likely to contract COVID-19 in the fresh air of the countryside than in the CBD of Sydney.

I'm not entirely surprised the enforced long-term stay has given me time to press pause and reconsider how I live my life normally.

Here's 10 things I've discovered:

  • I really miss the ocean...while I don't live on the beach in Sydney, I do have easy access to it and I have totally taken for granted the fact that a 15-minute walk will take me to the coastline.

  • I need about a quarter the clothes I have in my wardrobe - I am juggling the clothes I do have in my limited country wardrobe and it will do just fine.

  • In the same vein - leggings, ugg boots and an oversized sweater are really THE most comfortable clothes every invented.

  • Sorbolene is THE best moisturiser - EVER! I have the most fabulous smelling moisturisers in my bathroom in Sydney but only a bottle of Sorbolene in the country...and it's the best by far.

  • My hair doesn't need to be cut and coloured as regularly as I have been doing it. In fact, I have discovering the real colour of my hair for the first time in decades.

  • I really like not having Shellac on my nails...they are now cut short and I can garden and wash up without gloves and not worry about damaging my polish.

  • An hour walk in the elements is a great tonic! My country walks up a mountain or beside the river make a huge difference to my mental state.

  • I can live with my husband 24/7, not on holidays. Something we have not done for 16 years!

  • I do not need to always go out to restaurants for lunch and dinner. I can't quite believe I am admitting this but I am enjoying simple food cooked at home without the fuss.

  • Life in the slow(er) lane has its benefits - mentally, physically and emotionally. It's something I will practice post-Coronavirus.

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