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Sun, palm trees, cocktails and sleep

I have been fortunate to spend the past few weeks in sunny Far North Queensland, having driven up here from Sydney prior to the Covid-19 border shutdown.

It is incredibly, heart-breathtakingly gorgeous - fabulous weather, crystal blue waters (apparently the crocodiles arrive in September so I can swim in the ocean!), friendly people and confirms the Queensland mantra - beautiful one day, perfect the next.

I am relaxed, focused, energised and have had one of the best breaks of my life.

During this sojourn, I have had the opportunity to do nothing; absolutely nothing. At first, I filled my days with busy-ness.

Old habits die hard and it took several weeks before I actually slowed down. Sipping cocktails staring into the sunset has never really appealed to me - I'm not really one for self examination.

But what this adventure has taught me is to enjoy the down time. Turn off the devices. Soak up the sun, just because it's in the sky. Do nothing. Experience the sunset. Walk in the sand. Stop - stop being busy for the sake of filling up the hours/days.

The end result has been a much more positive, focused, calm determination for the future...and I am booking for next year already!

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