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Striking up a conversation with a stranger has never been more important

The universe has a funny way of serving up life lessons that you didn't know you needed but you realise you obviously did because when you get them, they resonate.

I have just spent two weeks in Queensland with a friend of more than 25 years - the irrepressible Darrianne Donnelly.

It is the longest time ever we have been together one-on-one - well, actually one-on-two because her husband Phil was also there when he was not golfing.

So, Darrianne is a friendly woman. Everyone in her circle knows that. But she has an absolutely wonderful personality trait which I have never really seen up close until the past month.

She talks to everyone...and I mean everyone...all of the time. Waiters, cleaners, gardeners, people on poolside lounge chairs, young women with their children walking on the beach.

I thought it hilarious, at first. Turn your back for a second and she's chatting and laughing with the person serving her or sitting next to her or walking past her.

Unbelievable...and here's the thing...because of her friendly, open, smiling, chatty personality, I have met ten times more people than I normally would. I have heard more life stories in the past fortnight than I would expect to in a year and had dozens of amazing interactions with others.

She is so incredibly genuine - and interested in everyone around her - that within minutes she has got the life story of even the most introverted person.

The life lesson - you get back what you put out. Most of us go through our daily lives without making an effort - a real effort - to engage with others.

It makes so much sense in this awful, difficult pandemic to be open to new people, new conversations and new experiences, if possible.

Take a leaf out of Darrianne Donnelly's book and strike up a conversation with someone in your local never know where it might lead.

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