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Some days, it is only the couch that will do!

Today was one of those days! No energy, no get up and go and no desire to do anything at all except head for the couch to binge Netflix or SBS on Demand.

Everyone needs these type of days occasionally! I don't even feel guilty about doing only a few hundred steps instead of my usual 10,000.

And the few hundred steps I did manage were earned walking back and forwards to the kitchen, finding whatever appealed in the pantry or fridge.

According to research, days when you do absolutely nothing are a really important way to switch off, reset and relax your mind and body.

Not only does it give you space to reflect and think about where you are at, conversely it can result in increased productivity in the long term. Regular do-nothing breaks can prevent burnout and help you achieve a healthier work-life balance.

A day of doing nothing gives you time to get extra sleep, take a long bath or visit your local coffee shop to read a good book.

One of the downsides of technology is the plethora of information clogging up email and social media channels daily, and a day away from your screen gives you peace and quiet without constant interruption.

The harder you find it to shut it all off for 24 hours, the more you probably need a technology detox.

So, don't expect to hear from me today! I'll get back to you when I have finished watching whatever catches my interest on the box - and yes, it will be total junk!

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