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Pass the bottle...maybe not...

Not a great way to start a Monday, particularly after a very social weekend and certainly more alcohol than the average two drinks a day.

A joint Australian/Danish study, released last week, discusses the rise in alcohol consumption in women aged 50 - 70 years.

And it's not good news. Australian women are apparently reaching more often for the vino as a nightly ritual, potentially damaging their physical and mental health in the process.

Boring, boring - I hear you say - but the more research that is done, the more the evidence seems to point to the fact that "no more than two standard drinks a day" is probably a wise move.

Australian nutritionist Susie Burrell has the following suggestions on her website for limiting your alcohol intake while maintaining an active social life:

1) 1 alcoholic drink = 1 slice of bread in calories so count your drinks and know your limits.

2) Know that spirits served in a tall glass, with lots of ice and a low calorie mixer such as soda or diet soft drinks are your lowest calorie option with 80 calories per glass. This is compared with a large glass of wine or beer which contain between 120-140 calories.

3) Eat something an hour before you head out and drink 500mls of water as you will drink far less if you are not hungry and hydrated.

4) Differentiate special parties from everyday drinks and catch ups after work and indulge for special occasions but be strict with day to day catch ups.

Good tips and I will try...I promise!

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