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Over 50 age group will be hardest hit by unemployment post Covid-19

The Business Council of Australia has today released modelling about the future of employment post-Covid and the not-good-news is that people over 50 will be the hardest hit .

Ageism was alive and well in the global job marketplace prior to the Covid-19 close down and it seems that it will get all that much harder to find employment as we come out of this pandemic.

Let's hope the Federal Government takes note of the BCA modelling and works towards a strategy in conjunction with corporates as we return to the new normal to assist the over 50 age group find meaningful and permanent jobs.

Thinking and planning needs to start immediately rather than wait until the unemployment rate in this age group causes concern in 12-18 months.

If you are in this age group and find yourself unemployed, research and access every benefit you are entitled to, plan what you intend to do post-Covid and have a number of options to explore before you are in dire straits, financially.

If you have mortgage, loan or credit card debt, talk to the banks and your financial providers and work out a path forward.

This is not the time to keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best. There will be employment opportunities - and they may not be in sectors you have ever considered - so have a strategy and start exploring how you will thrive post-Covid.

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