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New Year's resolutions already forgotten? You're not the only one!

Here's the thing about New Year resolutions...

Everyone starts with the very best intentions but as the hours and days move forward from January 1 and real life intervenes, the chances of you actually sticking to them diminish and by February 1 they are all done and dusted...out the window.

I have always been a great New Year resolutions advocate. I write them down, I imagine myself implementing them, I imagine how my life will be when the new, improved version sashays into fabulousness and surprises everyone with the amazing turnaround.

Every December, each part of my life gets scrutinised, discussed and dissected with my girlfriends and from this analysis, the resolutions are framed.

Have done it for years ... except 2020.

I'm not sure if its because I've spent a lot of 2020 alone and had time to think about my life and myself much more than in past years.

The frenetic pace slowed to a slow meander, the restlessness to achieve and shine gave way to steady, measured progress and the desire to be constantly moving forward ground almost to a halt.

So, in 2021, instead of starting the year with a list as long as my arm of the changes I want to make to improve my lot, I have decided I am breaking down my resolutions into months.

I am not thinking about what my resolution will be in February. In January, my goal is to walk 10,000 steps every day. That's it. Nothing else. No idea what February's goal will be but I'll decide then.

I figure if I can get to January 31 and every day I have walked 10,000 steps, it will have become a habit so it has a much better chance of still being with me in December.

That means that in 12 months there will be 12 things practised to improve life, health, relationships, fitness levels...whatever it may be!

Two stories I have found with good advice - links below.

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