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Never too old to get a job if you want to work !

I am not sure why society pushes us to "retire" if we don't want too nor what business it is of anyone's if we choose to keep working until we're 100!

If you have the energy and desire to keep working that should be your choice. Finding employment is not easy over 50 and gets harder as each decade passes but if you can find work, want to work and enjoy work, why not?

The concept that we have to "retire" is outdated and, in my opinion, should play not a part in contemporary life.

I am sure I will hear an argument from some that believe we are taking jobs from younger people and we should step aside so they can enjoy being useful members of the workforce.

But I think that is complete nonsense and would say go for it! There is a plethora of medical and scientific evidence that says the more active you are and the more you engage your brain after 50, the longer you will live.

Anna Patty, the Workplace Editor of the Sydney Morning Herald, wrote this article on January 5. It is worth a read!

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