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Need inspiration? Courage and hard work are key!

It is really hard to feel inspired when you're in lock-down, its winter and rainy, you've applied for dozens of jobs without success and you just can't get seem to get ahead.

Have you considered starting your own business? Have you really looked at your skill set and thought outside the square about who might want to hire someone with your background and experience? Have you researched what Government-funded courses are available to over 50s in your state?

Do you do something really well? There is a link at the bottom of this blog to an NBC News story about how several women re-invented themselves when they were forced out of traditional jobs.

One women retrained as a celebrant. Another started a not-for-profit to raise funds for a cause she was passionate about.

I've recently read about a women in Sydney who created a flyer, offering to cook dinner for local stressed-out, busy parents. She persuaded several businesses in the area to let her leave the flyers on their counters and she now has about 10 clients who she cooks for on weeknights. She has a limited menu for parents to choose from and they drop into her house on the way home and pick up a home-cooked evening meal.

She's loving the flexibility her new life gives her; she's getting enough money to pay her bills with some left over as savings and she's now expanding her business to include catering for children's parties, all of which she can do from her own kitchen.

Her new business started because she loved cooking and was used to preparing an evening meal for her family, a great use of her talent and passion.

Too many of us limit ourselves to jobs that we have always worked in rather than be prepared to step outside your comfort zone and expand your horizons.

It's not easy and hard work is required but giving up and settling for a life of Netflix is not the answer.

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