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Love a little caftan

A Sydney Morning Herald story today talks about Jennifer Coolidge - Legally Blond, 2 Broke Girls - wearing countless voluminous sequinned silk caftans in her latest television series The White Lotus.

Coolidge has apparently become a FILF - Fashion Influencing Legendary Female - and everyone has taken to caftans as a must-have item, according the SMH article.

With the greatest respect to Coolidge, Australian FILFs have been wearing caftans forever and loving the floaty freedom in our long summer months.

Of course, we are blessed to have our very own fashion guru Camilla Franks who has been designing beautiful, gorgeous, colourful caftans for years.

I love love love everything Camilla Franks designs and am thrilled to have several of her caftans in my wardrobe.

They feel so luxurious and feminine and hide all the bad bits so anyone can look like a princess and get an instant lift.

Apparently many of the caftans that feature on Coolidge in The White Lotus are Camilla and sales have gone through the roof as the rest of the world now embraces what we have enjoyed for decades!

Bring on summer and warm balmy nights so we can all float in glamour!

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