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LinkedIn Opportunity Index reveals Baby Boomers believe age is a barrier to employment

Australian Baby Boomers are worried about ageism in our workplace. Not exactly a startling revelation but LinkedIn's annual Opportunity Index has the statistics to back it up.

Their Index, based on a survey of 30,000 people across Australia and New Zealand, reveals that 46% of Baby Boomers are "significantly more likely to see age as a barrier".

LinkedIn Australia and New Zealand managing director Matt Tindale says: "Employers should embrace multi-generational diversity within the workforce and make learning opportunities more accessible and available."

Scarily, the AFR story written by Work & Careers reporter, Natasha Boddy, also includes statistics from a 2018 HR survey:

One in three organisations indicated there was an age over which they were reluctant to recruit, and 68 per cent of those nominated the age of 50 as ''too old''.

Yes, it is real and worrying.

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