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Just say no....

How hard is it to say no to requests/demands from friends and family when you really, really don't want to do something but they pressure you to say "yes"?

And then you're totally p****** because it's interrupted your plans for a quiet day, reading a book, a bit of binge tv watching or a walk along the beach.

It does seem that once you've turned 50, you should have had enough experience to bravely do whatever you want to do without repercussions but in reality, the demands on your time just get worse.

There is a general consensus that you aren't as busy now so therefore you're available to participate in whatever activity or chore others decide you would benefit from.

One of my colleagues has absolutely no qualms about saying no. She often lectures, writes and imparts the wisdom that you need to go after what you want and be brave enough to say no if whatever is being proposed doesn't suit you.

She's taken it next level. Her number plates are "YeahNo" - two words we all need to practice if we are to have any peace and quiet, time and space, to go after what we want.

There's way to much "busy time" in today's world and I am completely bored with listening to dinner party guests reel off a list of what they've managed to achieve in the past 24 hours.

Good for them. There was a day I lived by a tight schedule through necessity but nowadays, if I don't want to participate I say no.

My reluctance to do what other people want me to do hasn't gone down to well in some quarters but, surprisingly, has been respected in others so who knows?

My 20-something year old daughter has already managed to learn the lesson although her choice of words made me want to scream.

"I don't think that's on my journey today." Love the sentiment but really!!!!!

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