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It's all so relaxed over here...a lesson for us all!

One of the things I love most about travelling in Europe is the way in which women of any age seem so confident within themselves.

Take Southern Spain for example. Our house is on the beach and there are women of every shape, size and age in tiny bikinis, often a g-string, and frequently topless enjoying the sun and the surf.

I totally love the fact they are completely comfortable and nobody on the beach cares less. There are men, women, families, teenagers - all sunning themselves with the minimum of clothing without a second thought.

It is so different from Australia, the US and the UK where women spend hours of angst looking for the perfect swimsuit to hide whatever physical imperfections they perceive they may have.

And, sadly, there are a number of women who refuse to go to the beach or dive into a pool at all because they believe they are not a "10" in a swimsuit.

Off the sand, the women of Southern Spain dress up to go out, although I have yet to see any female of any age with a great deal of makeup. They seem to have the minimum coverage and let the "real" them shine through.

I have also yet to see a women over 50 who has had obvious "work" done. I have been in Spain for almost two months now and I have only one or twice seen a women with lip filler, cheek filler or any other noticeaable intervention.

Most of them bear the wrinkles of their age and the bodies they are born with and live in with pride, confidence and a sophistication that is inspiring.

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