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In my next life, I'm a French woman!

What is it about French women? It doesn't matter where they are, what they're doing or who they're with - from supermarket shopping to upmarket restaurants and cafes - they always look effortlessly fabulous.

I remember years ago reading the book French Women Don't Get Fat by Mireille Guiliano. Okay, maybe I have read it every six months since I first read it years ago, hoping something about French glamour would sink in.

Sadly, it hasn't but I do still unashamedly consume everything written about how French women dress hoping that one day I will miraculously walk out the door looking like I've got it all together.

Hasn't happened yet but I live in hope.

I have discovered the website below - - and they tell me that I need to pare down my wardrobe if I want to emulate a French woman.

I don't think sections of clothes that cover Really Skinny, Skinny, Medium Size, Large and - post-Covid - Extra Large clothes living in three wardrobes is quite what they mean.

Now I'm well past Fifty the Really Skinny and the Skinny sections can get turfed. Don't think I'll be fitting in those clothes any time soon - like ever!

Potentially the Medium Size section - depends if I give up my love of red wine, cheese and Spaghetti Carbonara.

Much more realistic is to go from the Extra Large to the Large section...wouldn't have to give up much and I might just make it by Christmas 2022.

Click on this link for a few extra tips about how French women do it!

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