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Have your cake and eat it too...after 50!

Is there such a thing after 50? Well, sort of but not really...

Just about everything you read, listen to or watch tells us that after you turn 50, you need to monitor what you eat, cut down on alcohol, minimise coffee, exercise regularly, walk daily, lift weights, and on and on it goes.

I am hopeless at all the above...sporadically, I'm fabulous and disciplined...key word being sporadically.

I think the key is to find a happy medium in how you look and feel and what you eat and drink and how often you move.

For me, that is no alcohol on two consecutive days of the week...I try Monday and Tuesday. It is no coffee after midday. It is walking 10,000 steps on at least four days a week. Stretching after a walk is vital for me so I have downloaded an app that instructs me how to flex for eight minutes. That's about it.

It tells me that weight-lifting of some variety very regularly is a must for women over 50. I sort-of knew this and I know I definitely don't do enough of it, so I think I need to add this in.

Food for thought...and worth consideration!

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