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Fresh air and exercise is essential for your sanity

Unprecedented times calls for new routines and as our Australian PM says we all need to accept "the new normal".

Unless you're in isolation, there is one thing you can do to help yourself everyday. You can get outdoors and walk, jog, move, do yoga, do something to elevate your mood.

And as of April 3, you can still do this with one other person.

You may not be a regular walker but fresh air and exercise is essential for mental health as we navigate Coronavirus.

Yesterday, I was happily watching the midday movie, listening to the rain outside, and enjoying the couch life.

My husband suggested we walk in the rain - I thought he was kidding...but no, he persuaded me to get my gear on and walk up a mountain in the countryside in the rain.

I was drenched and I won't mention an hour after we got back the rain had stopped! I was exhausted when I'd finished and felt the effects later in the evening! But the simple act of getting outdoors in the fresh air gave me a lift like nothing else...not even my 5pm gin and tonic.

Almost everyone feels better with fresh air and just is!

So make a deal with yourself. You can have that 5pm G & T but you have to walk for an hour beforehand!

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