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Five ways to fire up your motivation...

Some days, you just don't feel like it...anything! And it is perfectly okay to have days when you simply shut down, do your thing and space out.

Too many of these types of days are not healthy and could signal that you have issues you need to address but there is a complete difference between lacking motivation and mental health concerns so how do you get motivated when all you really want to do is hide under the bed covers or binge watch Netflix with popcorn?

1. Get up, make your bed (Why? If you haven't read Admiral William McRaven's speech on why you need to make your bed, stop reading this and Google it immediately), shower and get dressed in clothes you would leave the house in (no moping around in PJs and a dressing gown). Just these few actions can somehow put you in a better frame of mind.

2. Make a list of what you want/need to do that day/night. If it doesn't absolutely have to be done, it doesn't go on the list! Do the hardest, yuckiest, worst task first and then decide what order you are going to accomplish the rest of these jobs. Do the first one immediately. Don't think about it. Just do it. You might find that once you've done the hardest task, the rest of the day is easy.

3. If it works for you (it doesn't for me; if I stop, I stop), schedule 30 minutes "off" several times during the day - time it though, or you'll find you're still "off" three hours later.

4. Do a couple of "nice" things to reward yourself. A coffee from your favourite cafe, half an hour in the sun, a chat with your bestie...whatever makes you feel good about yourself.

5. Go for a walk around the block, in the local park, beside the sea - just get moving for 30 minutes. The late Queen Elizabeth was famous for her philosophy that fresh air and a walk solved most problems.

Remember that motivation can fluctuate, and it's okay to have off days. The key is to develop a toolkit of strategies that work for you and to keep experimenting until you find the combination that helps you stay motivated and productive.

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