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Consciously uncoupling - Covid takes its toll

According to the latest stats, the number of people divorcing as a result of the up-close-and-personal, 24/7, cohabitation forced upon us by Covid has risen in the US, Australia and the UK.

Apparently, the fact that one or both partners went their separate ways for more than 10 hours a day, five days a week, was good for their marriage.

Thrown together for months on end and coping with home schooling, their own jobs and maintaining a household was all too much and the sad fact is that many marriages have just not survived.

However, before you call in the solicitors, I suggest you listen to journalist Sami Lukis' latest podcast. She talks to psychologist, Rachel Voysey, about divorce, an excellent interview that anyone contemplating a Conscious Uncoupling should listen to.

Rachel dispenses very sensible advice on how to deal with the trauma and grief that is divorce - something many people underestimate.

Sadly, the stats also show that women over 50 are one of the fastest growing sectors seeking to end their marriages, particularly when their partners retire.

Retirement for either partner is a major step that can impact a relationship in a positive or negative way.

Planning, negotiation and open communication seems to be the best way to deal with these life changes, something that Covid has brought home to us all as we have struggled to deal with the new "normal".

And get help! Don't struggle alone. Seek out and talk to friends, counsellors - anyone who you are comfortable sharing personal information with.

The link to Sami's podcast is:

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