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Comfort in the workplace at long last - sneakers reign!

My grandmother used to tell me that in difficult times one should always look for a silver lining and I think I've found one for Covid-19.

It seems that since we've all been working from home, smart casual clothing is now the office go-to and sneakers are the footwear du jour.

I couldn't be happier. It has been some time since I donned high heels and last weekend, I wore a pair of reasonably heeled boots to dinner.

I didn't have to walk far but my beautiful boots - only two years old - nearly killed me!

I have always hated corporate clothes and heels and struggled to find a business look that is comfortable, affordable, gives off the "well groomed and successful" impression and fits a figure that is most definitely not Twiggy.

Not to mention that if you are a woman, you spend hours in freezing board rooms with the air conditioning adapted to men in suits!

There's not too many outfits that can't manage white sneakers as an accessory - I have even seen photos of brides tripping down the aisle with sneakers under their gowns.

Just a word of warning - fashionistas (I'm not one of them!) believe that one shouldn't wear socks of any description with sneakers.

If you do, they need to me invisible. In other words, you can't see them peaking over the top of the shoe.

And one more thing. They must be whiter than white. Not yellowing, or scuffed, or anything but pristine white!

So I'm embracing my new look - jeans, white sneakers, white t-shirt and jacket. Will be interesting to see how that will be greeted in a corporate boardroom. Watch this space!

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