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Can I have...with that?

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Been to a dinner party lately where all your companions have food requests?

The Thanksgiving cartoon in New Yorker reminded me of the last pre-Covid, long lunch I had with the girls.

I was the only one who didn't have a special request for the waiter about how they would like the restaurant to change a dish to suit their various dietary requirements.

Last weekend, I went away and joy oh joy - nobody in a group of 10 needed menu alterations. Such a rare treat!

Not that I mind if someone discreetly asks the waiter to cook their meal without butter or gluten or dairy or whatever but seriously - does the table have to discuss it endlessly?

And can it be done with the minimum of fuss...most menus these days have gluten free, dairy-free options.

Just pick one of those without drawing attention to it and happy days.

There are much more interesting things to talk about than diets, allergies, bowel habits, medical issues and the like!

Pass the spaghetti carbonara, grand padano and red wine! Cheers!

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