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Bring on sun, sand, water, cocktails, sunsets...

I am sure I'm not the only person who is desperate for 2021 to end. Nor am I the only person, I suspect, who can't wait to flop on the sand, swim and forget all that has been - or hasn't been - 2021.

All those goals we had in January? Out the window. All those kilos we were going to lose because we ate our way through Covid 2020? Yeah, nah! All that travel we planned because we had been locked down for a year and we couldn't wait to have an adventure? Don't even mention it.

It's certainly been a weird two years and one that has had some upsides and downsides.

We've reconnected, I think, to ourselves, to our families, to our communities, to each other. Not a bad thing.

We've rediscovered the beauty, the freedom and the safety provided by the incredible country in which we live. In other words, we appreciate Australia and all it offers much more than we probably did pre-Covid.

We've realised that life is not always about work; we've figured out that we can work just as effectively without leaving home in comfortable clothes and much less stress.

We've also left major cities in droves; the appeal of rural life and its affordable, clean, peaceful existence has been embraced by thousands, evidenced by the extraordinary increase in house prices in regional Australia.

There really are lots of positives to come out of how we have been forced to live during Covid and now it seems we have got this wretched disease somewhat under control and we are moving forward, let's not forget what we've learned.

I've decided its time to make 2022 goals including travel, work, moving those kilos and planning for the next 12 months.

I've bought a new (hard copy) diary, a new Moleskin notebook and developed an optimistic attitude towards the New Year.

Just hand me a mango daiquiri, a beach chair and the sun and I'll start preparing - or maybe I'll just sip away and relax as I work on my tan!

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