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Best yarns for a rainy day

One of my addictions is reading...give me a good book and I can curl up for hours on end absorbed by great tales and mysterious characters, made even more pleasurable with a glass of red and a warm blanket.

If you live anywhere in metropolitan Australia, you are probably locked down and fed up with Netflix so here's a few authors I love to give you an alternative to tv dramas.

Interestingly, my love of crime fiction is shared by thousands of women; many of my friends have a secret passion for the same genre but only reveal it when pressed.

It's like we feel we should be reading something intellectual or business-oriented rather than escaping with Val McDermid, Michael Robotham, Jeffrey Archer, Michael Connelly, Faye Kellerman and a million other scribes who take the reader on a journey of murder and mayhem.

Love love love Rosamunde Pilcher and her Shell Seekers novel is one I return to at least twice a year or more so I've probably read it at least 30 times now.

And I still cry my eyes out each time at the poignant moments even though I could almost regurgitate the story myself, word for word.

I was introduced to Scandi Noir a couple of years ago and there are some fabulous books and authors from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland - try Jo Nesbo, Henning Mankell, Camilla Lackberg and Asa Larsson.

I've just discovered a 2009 Val McDermid yarn I haven't yet read so am headed for couch and an afternoon tipple!

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