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Age is no barrier to adventure!

I just love Over Fifty Still Fabulous women who set amazingly challenging goals and just go for it.

Charmian Frend is an Australian ice water swimmer who suffers from a degenerative spine issue that began when she was just 16 years old.

She's had 10 operations and has now set her sights on setting a world record ice swim in Thredbo in July. That means she has to swim more than 3.3km in water that is only 5degC.

As part of her training, last weekend she swam for 52 minutes in water that was 7degC at Wentworth Falls in the NSW Blue Mountains.

And why does she do all this? Because she can! She attributes her ability to conquer the chronic pain she experienced with her spinal issues to the skills of clinicians at the Royal North Shore Pain Management Research Institute (PMRI), giving her skills for a life that seemed impossible at times.

Her weekly workouts - nine to 10 sessions both in the water and on land - plus physio and massages are helping her prepare for her World Record Attempt, the second time she has tried what most of us couldn't even imagine.

And her generous spirit is using her Thredbo adventure to raise funds for the Pain Foundation, so it can continue to fund the groundbreaking research being conducted at the PMRI.

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