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60 is the new 30! Let's celebrate...

Was at a party on Saturday night when I got into a conversation about age with a lovely woman I have known for years.

Now this particular lady is gorgeous, has raised two fabulous and talented daughters as a single mum, managed a considerable mortgage on her home, worked a full-time job and helps her family look after her elderly mum.

She is turning 60 in September and is dreading it. Never mind what she has achieved with vitually no help; forget the fact she is an amazing women in just about every, she is turning 60 and her life, or so she says, is over.

No, no, no...absolutely not. It is incredibly sad to hear and it is not unusual.

She is worried about her job; she says there are a lot of younger, more digitially-educated people in her workplace and she feels she is not nearly as au fait with new technology as they are.

When I suggested she recruit one of them to help her or take external classes to learn, she maintained that she "wouldn't be able to".

What nonsense...why not? Age is no barrier to education and if you need to upskill to feel you are adding the same value to a workplace as your younger peers, do it.

So freaked out about her impending birthday is she that she doesn't want to have a party or share the day with anyone. She just wants to forget her age and hide under the covers.

Finally, after much persuasion, I now know the date of her birthday and I intend to make it my mission to ensure this incredibly bright, fabulous women is recognised and celebrated for everything she has endured and achieved.

Bottoms up!

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